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Happy People

As a Realtor in Bucks County with 30 + years experience Bringing Buyers and Sellers together, I find it imperative that I provide my Sellers with professional advice in preparing their home to be viewed by prospective purchasers. This step is referred to as ‘staging’, and is considered to be a crucial first step in preparing to sell your home, and this occurs prior to the professional photographer and the entry into the Multiple Listing Service. Beautiful Living owner Holly Reimel, is my choice for this important step and I have seen profound results in both reduced time on the market as well as higher selling price, due to Holly’s staging advise. I have heard rave reviews as well, as to Beautiful Living room make-overs and I have engaged Holly’s services for over 6 years and I highly recommend her services when preparing your home for sale.

Sue Jones

Holly is a dream to work with! I knew I needed a change for my living room but had no idea how or to what. I was frozen with indecision. Holly came in, we talked about styles she showed me ideas – she put a plan together including pricing delivery and time lines. She made the entire process not only fun but easy. I was overwhelmed and delighted that she could transform my room the way she did – so much so I have her redoing my dining room, kitchen and family room!! Holly has a wonderful sense of style and is extremely professional. A true pleasure to work with.

Lisa A

Working with Holly was a great experience. She has a keen eye for finding the perfect accessories to complete a room! She asks the right questions to help you find your design style and achieve the finished look within your budget. I have used Holly and her team multiple times and have always been pleased with the results!

Barbara O’Donell

My husband agrees…this is the best money we have spent on our home in 13 years!

Elaine K

“You just saved us THOUSANDS of dollars!  Once you styled our family room, with what we already owned, we threw away plans to buy new furniture!” 

Beth K

“You couldn’t have captured more of what I was looking for. I keep walking into my living and dining rooms.  I can’t believe they are mine!!”

Cheryl M

Once I saw buyers react to a house staged by Holly, I was sold!  The result were so dramatic that I had Holly and her team Redesign my own entry and living rooms.

Sharon S

I thought that I could do it myself but why didn’t I? I loved how my rooms were transformed in one day. Working with Holly was so easy and fun!

Sally D

We love it!  You are so talented.  I can’t believe how a few small changes make a huge difference!  It felt like Christmas morning walking through the house.  We are ready to start the Living Room…

Patricia D

I’ve worked with holly on many of my home projects. She has the innate ability to design a space that is both beautiful and comfortable. She’s highly collaborative throughout the process and the outcome is always a welcoming space with intimate details and warmth. Over the years I’ve worked with several interior designers, and Holly continues to be my first choice.

Kate M

Beautiful Living, and the lead designer Holly Reimel, is exactly what I was looking for. She understood my budget limitations, while still delivering an outcome that far exceeded my expectations! Holly is able to combine her customers individual taste with insightful suggestions as to how to update and design the room- and she prevents costly mistakes. She is very knowledgeable, about both classic decorating/antiques and the new trends. The whole process was so easy- we met and discussed what my goals were. Holly developed a complete plan for the rooms, which we reviewed together. Then, within a few weeks, she came in with her team, and they made it all look easy. I cannot recommend Beautiful Living enough!

Kit S

As someone with both a demanding job and a big family, my house has always been last on the list for both attention and resources. Whenever I would try to redecorate a room, I would end up either making an expensive mistake or deciding to put it off. Enter the solution: Holly takes the pressure off in both areas! We have a large basement which we wanted to transform from a playroom/boys dormitory into a warm and inviting place for entertaining. Holly took this overwhelming task and made all of the design decisions, while reflecting my own taste. Her recommendations also include finding the best quality for the best price. My basement is now exactly as I dreamed, and we all love it!

Kathleen S