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Your Home

We have created a simple approach to transform your home. We feature a unique process that uses what you own first. From the DIY enthusiast, to the “please do it all for me“ client, our process provides a focus on your lifestyle and will create a home that delights you!

Have questions? Call or email for a free 10 minute design chat with Holly.

Our goal is to help find the easiest way for you to make your house shine and feel like your true home. Whether you are looking for validation, want new ideas to freshen and update your home or need a complete makeover, we will help you create your dream home, within your budget!

Holly has created a Simple 3 Step Process to BEAUTIFUL.
Pick one, two or all three !

1. At Home with Holly starting at $195

  • We tour your home or chosen room(s) and answer all of your decorating questions.
  • Even if you have no idea where to start, we will offer a fresh eye and prioritize your desires, ideas and suggestions.
  • Paint Color Dilemma, no problem! Need a quick update, we got you!
  • By the time we leave, you will have a specific, prioritized plan as well as action steps that you can take to create a comfortable, beautiful environment. You can Do-It-Yourself from here, or hire us to get it done for you using our “design in a day” method.

2. Design in a Day starting at $495

  • We do all of the work for you! In half a day, we give your furniture, artwork and accessories a new look and style. Our team swoops in and makes your belongings look fresh and fabulous!
  • We move furnishings, arrange and rehang artwork, accessorize bookshelves, mantels, and all of those difficult spaces to create a warm and inviting environment for you to enjoy that evening and for years to come.
  • We always use what you own and like first, before buying anything new. We can offer suggestions for items we know will complete your space or bring in a few new fresh accessories to complete your look. It is always possible to add a shopping enhancement to this service.

3. Shopping Enhancement starting at $250

  • Tired of wasting money on items that just don’t seem to work? Hate to shop? Don’t know what to look for?
  • Just say the word and after our initial consultation, we can send you suggestions for items that will compliment your home and complete your transformation.
  • We work within your budget using our rolodex of wonderfully curated sources and local vendors to choose from.

Have questions? Call or email for a free 10 minute design* chat with Holly.